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Attendee Company Hdcp Clubs Group
Will Amos Oklahoma Gas & Electric 35 Right handed mens' T
Jim Amstutz Eastman Chemical Company 28 Right handed mens' C
Adam Anderson Armstrong Enery 20 Bringing X
Marty Arft C & C Marketing, Inc 20 Bringing A
Jan Aspuru Orlando Utilities Commission 27 N
Brian Aug Rhino Energy LLC 15.6 Bringing O
Don Bailey Kentucky Cumberland Coal Co 21 Bringing C
Kenny Bailey Koch Carbon LLC 26 Right handed mens' I
Larry Barbish Canal Barge Co, Inc 24 Right handed mens' G
Robert Basgall Koch Carbon 16 Bringing J
Chris Bence DTE Energy 15 Bringing
Natalie Biggs Wood Mackenzie 33 Right handed ladies'
" J B" Blechschmidt Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. 18 Bringing B
Bill Boyle Javelin Global Commodities (US) LP 13 Bringing
Bob Braithwaite CNX Coal Resources LP 7 Bringing M
Sherrilynn Calhoun Oxbow Energy Solutions LLC 21 Bringing X
Rodney Campbell Mineral Labs, Inc. 18 Right handed mens'
Nate Collamer Talen Energy 30 Right handed mens' S
B J Cornelius Murray Energy Corp/The American Coal Sales Co 7.6 Bringing M
Andy Cox Murray Energy Corp/The American Coal Sales Co 12 Bringing
Tammy Crismon Southern Appalachian Coal Sales, In 30 Right handed ladies' E
Ken Daniels Southern Appalachian Coal Sales, Inc. 20 Right handed mens' E
Andy Devlin American Commercial Barge Line 25 Bringing V
David Domogala PSEG NA Bringing U
Van Eaves East Side River Transportation 12 Right handed mens' W
John Esaiw Nova Scotia Power Inc NA Right handed mens' U
Chris Fasy Murray Energy Corp/The American Coal Sales Co 16 Bringing
Len Ferrara FIS - Energy 30 Right handed mens'
Blake Fisher Canada Steamship Lines 20 Bringing Z
Andrew Fluder Carmeuse Lime & Stone 33 Right handed mens' Q
Francisco Garcia Coal Marketing Company (USA) Inc 36 Right handed mens' R
Scott Gardner Coal Network, LLC 5 Bringing D
Wade Gillingham Orlando Utilities Commission 30 Right handed mens' N
Jason Gold Glencore Ltd NA Right handed mens' U
Jeff Goutcher CSX Transportation 16 Bringing
Paul Greer Trafigura Trading LLC 15 I
Jared Griffith Alliance Coal, LLC NA Bringing D
Buddy Hancock SGS North America 25 Right handed mens'
John Hanou Hanou Energy Consulting, LLC 10 Right handed mens'
Josh Herzing Eco Solution Distributing 12 Bringing M
Terry " Bruz" Hicks Appalachian Railcar Services 17 Bringing B
Steve Hicks Eagle River Coal LLC 12 Bringing W
Finn Host T. Parker Host, Inc 12 Bringing F
John Hunt Jr. SCH Services, LLC 18 Bringing
Jerald Hylton Booth Energy Group NA Right handed mens'
David Jaumotte National Inspection and Consultants 16 Bringing Y
Greg Jordan Coal Energy Resourcees,Inc. 16 Bringing N
Larry Kaelin Indiana Rail Road 9 Right handed mens' A
Will Kaufman Hoosier Energy REC Inc 30 Right handed mens' G
John Keeshan Simpson Spence Young 12 Bringing K
Nick Keys DTE Energy 15 Bringing
Bruce King Lhoist North America 20 Right handed mens'
Kirk Landry FMT 36 Right handed mens' X
Cecil Lewis JRL Coal Company, Inc 10 Bringing
Rich Liperote B&W Resources, Inc NA Right handed mens' E
Paul Lyon Mineral Labs, Inc. 18 Right handed mens'
Steve MacNeil White River Coal Sales Inc 20 Right handed mens' I
Brent Mahana Metro Ports 28 Right handed mens'
Al Matney UCI 25 Bringing N
Terry May Associated Terminals LLC 20 Bringing V
Scott Mayer Peabody Coalsales 12 Left handed mens' G
Debby McBride SGS North America Inc. 30 Right handed mens' C
John McConaghy Glencore Ltd 20 Right handed mens' K
Randy McFarland FMR Transportation Solutions, Inc 16 Right handed mens'
Kenneth McKenzie Watco Companies 25 Right handed mens'
Bill McNally Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company 35 Right handed mens' T
Tim McSherry Rhino Energy LLC 22 Bringing
Larry Miller Atico 18 Left handed mens' C
Wayne Morrison Tamarack Resources NA Right handed mens' Z
William Nettles Lakeland Electric 25 Bringing A
Kelly Pare NB Power 30 Right handed ladies' U
Bruce Partridge Algoma Central Corporation 8 Bringing Q
Steve Perkins Alliance Coal, LLC NA Bringing P
Jason Peters Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. 28 Bringing H
Shane Picklesimer Progress Rail 20 Bringing
David Pineda Drummond Coal Sales 17 Right handed mens'
Todd Pringle Host Agency 25 Right handed mens' O
Jerry Quitter Coal Network, LLC 16 Bringing D
Joe Racelis Dominion Generation 18 Right handed mens' K
Creston Ragan Peabody Energy Corporation 30 Right handed mens' G
Bruce Richards Moran Towing Corp 25 Right handed mens' Z
Jake Riggs Georgia-Pacific LLC. 12 Bringing I
Tony Rowser Alliance Coal, LLC NA Bringing
David Ryan Associated Terminals NA Right handed mens' X
Keith Saunders Eversource Energy 25 Right handed mens' K
Andy Schuster CONSOL Energy 17 Bringing
Ron Shoop Engelhart CTP 18 Right handed mens' D
Barrett Sparks Rosebud Mining Company 26 Bringing
Scott Spears Jesse Creek Mining Co NA Right handed mens'
Ed Spiker Westmoreland Coal Co 19 Right handed mens' S
Jonathan Strah Oxbow Energy Solutions 15 Right handed mens'
Scott Sturm Westmoreland Coal Co 18 Right handed mens' S
Claston Sunanon Orlando Utilities Commission NA Bringing M
Bill Tallent B&W Resources, Inc. NA Right handed mens' E
Daniel Thompson Coal & Cargo Consulting 7.0 Bringing A
Chris Tillman PowerSouth Energy Cooperative 25 Bringing P
Tony Tramonte Southern Company - Georgia Power 18 Bringing
Jim Tree NB Power NA Right handed mens' Q
Karl Van Norman Transportation Services Inc. 12 Bringing
Bruce Washburn Marsh Fork Development Company 18 Bringing
Steve Weber Emerald International Corp 16 Bringing V
Jack Wells Emerald International Corp 18 Bringing V
Tim Whelan Alliance Coal, LLC NA Bringing H
Todd Wiese Crimson Coal Corp 30 Right handed mens'
Al Winslow Triorient LLC 15 Bringing O
Les Wood FreightCar America 35 Right handed mens'
Greg Wooten Natural Resource Partners 18 Right handed mens'
Karl Yoder MMI NA Bringing
Dave Ziegert TCP Petcoke Corporation NA Bringing Q